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Mapped Web can help you save time and money with business process automation.  We understand that the "business" of business process automation is a little like our website design services and we want to make sure that your investment is time and money well spent on what you actually need.  So to honor our promises as a company, our business process automation services are always delivered in two phases. 


We understand that there is high variability in business processes, so before we start we ask for the commitment of a 1 hour conference call to discuss the process to be automated and some high level expectations.  This conference call is free to you and is invaluable to us in being able to provide you with fair accurate estimates for an automation request.  Information gathered during this exchange will enable us to provide you with an estimate for phase one of our automation services.  An estimate for phase two will be delivered at the completion of phase one.  By structuring the estimates and invoices in this manner you will be able to make informed decisions when considering to proceed to the next phase.  The last thing we want to do is provide you with inaccurate estimates or promises we can not fulfill... so if at any point you decide this project is no longer viable we will work with you to close out the invoice for that phase.  Keeping this in mind, here is what you can expect during each phase of the project. 

Automation consultation is the first item on our to do list.  This is the free 1 hour conference call to gain a high level understanding of the process to be automated and an understanding of expectations. If you accept the resulting estimate and wish to continue with the project we will move into the first phase. 

In the first phase, we will help you map out your targeted process from end to end, evaluate what tools you already have that may be used for automation, document any requirements and (most importantly) evaluate the overall feasibility to automating your business process.  A solid understanding of your business process, expectations, requirements and a documented plan for automation will enable Mapped Web to provide you with an estimate for implementation... with this information in hand you will be able to make an informed decision if the continued pursuit of automation is in your best interest. 

A level set review of an approved phase one will kick off the start of phase two where your automation comes to life.  During phase one we will have documented a plan for automation.  This plan will be reviewed and refined, any milestones for delivery will be identified and any access needed to be able to complete the automation will need to be granted.  Then the fun begins as we start to automate!  We will be testing the automation along the way and once complete will again ask you for a 1 hour commitment to review the implemented technical solution and to provide you with any pertinent information regarding execution or maintenance. 


We understand that the needs of each client are unique, which is why we provide a free estimate for business process automation requests based on in-depth conversations.  By taking the time to converse and ask questions early on, we seek to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations


To request a free estimate, please complete the form below or call us at 210-296-8210.

What is the timeline for your project?

Thank you for reaching out! We look forward to speaking with you.

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