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Advanced Website Development Consulting

Advanced Website Development Consulting


Advanced Website Development Consulting covers more technical topics such as SEO, website analytics, technical requirement documentation and 3rd party integrations.




    If you already know and are comfortable with terms like domain name and hosting and are looking for a more in depth Q&A session then the Advanced Website Development Consulting option is right for you.  This option covers the following topics:


    • What do I need to know about SEO? Is it important for my website?
    • What integrations will I need?
    • How can I make my website work for me? What data can I gather from it and what does that data mean?
    • How should I plan my content?
    • What types of requirements should I have prepared for a developer?
    • How do I translate business requirements into technical requirements?


    One of our goals at Mapped Web is to provide you with the knowledge and information to ensure your website investment is a good one.  This consulting is designed to help lay the foundation for the completion of documents like key word strategies for SEO, system integration requirements, and technical development requirements.


    If you are new to website development we suggest you look at the Basic Website Development Consulting package first. 

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