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Basic Website Development Consulting

Basic Website Development Consulting


Knowledge is power and we want to help you answer some of the challenging questions when first starting to establish your digital presence.  Our basic consulting covers topics such as domain names, hosting, costs and considerations when establishing the purpose of your website.




    Mapped Web is here to help newcomers to the digital stage navigate and answer some of the most challenging questions.  At Mapped Web we know that knowledge is power and that customers who come prepared to the table have a much better chance of paying a fair price for a product that meets expectations.

    Basic website development consulting includes helping customers answer questions like:

    • What is the purpose of my website? Why do I really need it?
    • How much should you spend on my website?
    • What is a domain and where do I get one?
    • What is hosting and why do I need it?
    • What should I consider when selecting a hosting platform or plan?
    • How do I get the most out of a website package?

    Pricing is by the hour and time can be broken up into blocks 30 minutes or longer.

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